by Matt Runkle


2016, 'Framed by Thumbs: Reading Raymond Pettibon': 
A critical essay published in Openings: Studies in Book Art

2016, 'Plans': 
A short story excerpted from The Hitch and published in The Collagist

2014, 'The Story of How All Animals Are Equal': 
A short story published in Grist

2014, 'Socialites': 
A short story published in matchbook

2013, 'A Living Document', 'Animals', 'Message from Collections', 'What Kill Means', 'If you ever feel like a ghost': 
Five poems published in The Chariton Review

2012, 'Spiel': 
A short story published in Wigleaf

2012, 'Dawn in the Afternoon': 
A short story published in > kill author

2012, 'Columbus Was Named for the Dove': 
A short story published in Monkeybicycle

2012, 'Messiness Is a Beauty of Its Own: An Interview with Sarah McCarry': 
Published on SFCB Blog

2012, 'Pluck': 
A prose poem published in Beecher’s

2012, 'The Decision'; 'Counted'; 'Tammy and the Amaranth': 
Three short stories published in The Collagist

2012, 'Librarians Are Warriors: An Interview with Stephen Boyer': 
Published on SFCB Blog

2012, 'The Hare'; 'In the City of Outside Consultants: 
Two short stories published along with collages in BOMB

2012, 'The Liberating Bond: An Interview with Katarzyna Bazarnik & Zenon Fajfer': 
Published on SFCB Blog

2011, 'Warmth': 
A short story published in The Collagist

2011, '12 Years of Babylon: An Interview with Myrtle Von Damitz, III': 
Published on SFCB Blog

2011, 'Revaluing the Book': 
An interview with Richard Nash published in the Boston Review

2011, 'Windowless Room, Silverless Fish':
A short story published in Interrobang?!

2011, 'Pride Goeth Before': 
A short story published in Mixed Fruit