Mrs. Primstone’s Home for Unwed Mothers (2008)
Artist book in an edition of 15
Letterpress printed with metal type and linocuts

Mrs. Primstone’s Home for Unwed Mothers houses four 'inmates', based on the four feminine archetypes from the sitcom Facts of Life—but more wild, more delinquent. Taking the 'bun-in-the-oven' idiom literally, each of their pregnancies becomes a different pastry. The book’s form suggests these conflicting worlds of the sitcom; of sinister, antiquated sexual morals; and of baked goods. The cover is a linocut of the Victorian mansion from a distance—how a haunted mansion first appears in a horror movie. It opens from the middle to reveal a closer view of the mansion's gingerbread exterior, similar to the establishing shot in a sitcom. The story is then told in text printed on small accordions that fold out from the home's doors and windows.